The selection of guitars WREMENA was created to be soft, vintage and melodious. It has an intimate, almost invisible tone. We tried to make it as natural as possible and without any unnecessary functionality which in our opinion turned out to be an unusual alternative to the rest of the virtual guitars and sample libraries existing on the market today.

One of our main goals was to create instruments that anyone who doesn't really know how to play a guitar, could still without any effort make sound beautiful, natural and with character.

PRS is our very first and so far only sampled guitar, but more to come very soon. Already at the very beginning of the recording process of PRS, we thought about instruments with which, in the future, it would be possible to form a company for it. The strategy is to bring together guitars that would be quite different from each other and find their similarities, combine them into one whole: something thoughtful, intimate and mysterious, but at the same time confident and daring.

the adventure

There are 4 sound lines that you can control: 2 microphones lines, 1 pedalboard line and 1 direct line from the guitar to converters.

Thanks to this amount of sound lines, you have a large number of timbres to choose from. You can play your guitar not only in mono, but in stereo too. Just turn the pan knobs and... voila - your sound becomes wider. It’s a simplicity you won't find anywhere else. Want more? Just add some analog vintage or modern effects with Echo and Space. They were captured from the rare Soviet BBD Delay, the Moog spring reverb module and the old school Boss reverb pedal.

Overall, we used a lot of gear during sound design process: a tape recorder, some cool fx pedals, the rare BBD soviet reverb and delay, some modular things and so on. The whole library was recorded via the beautiful tube preamp, the 1073' transistor style preamp, the Echoplex amp module, etc. The main sound was captured from the old tube Peavey combo amplifier that sounds as it should - bold, 'retro' and warm (check the manual for the full chain explanation).

the mechanics

You have 6 different articulations on board: sustain, matte sustain, mutes, harmonics, random notes and random octaves equipped with up to 5 velocity layers and 6 repetitions of every sampled note with a different position of the guitar pick.

Every sample also has its own 'pre-air' amount, which you can control on its own. We didn't clean the samples to a perfect level of clarity, resulting in a sound that is very realistic and warm. In addition, you have the Random Octaves patch with repeated notes through an octave and with different dynamics and tempo that were made specifically for textures and recorded manually.

Furthermore, every patch has its own sound designed 'brother' - the X slider. It accompanies the main sound in many interesting ways. You can think of it as a guitar pedal's bypass button, but here it's a slider, the sound of which, you can mix with the original sound or use it on its own.

When automation is applied to the X slider it starts to shine with interesting textures. Keep in mind that the sound of each X slider was made from the sounds of each specific patch. For example, the X slider's sound inside the Sustain patch was made from the Sustain sound and so forth.

the skills

the recording language
We always aim to make all instruments sound as lively as it can be. So when you try to process your recorded samples as little as possible to keep them natural, it intuitively becomes very important how they are played, as well as the atmosphere in which they were recorded. In this regard, it's important to note that both guitars were played by a wonderful musician and our good friend Victor Pshanichny. The feeling of trust based on our long-standing friendship, which was constantly present in the studio during the recording process, undoubtedly reflected in the quality, character and naturalness of the sound of WREMENA.
the form
The design of the plugin itself was inspired by Suprematist art. If you look at some of Kazimir Malevich's paintings, such as ‘Suprematist composition’ or ‘White on White’, they are all to some extent chaotic, but on the other hand united. We tried to embody exactly the same feeling of opposition and unity in the sound of our instruments.
•6 articulations (Sustain, Harmonics, Mutes, Random Notes, Random Octaves)
•Custom tape designed patches
•5-6 RR per note
•Up to 6 velocity per note
VST3/AU plugin for macOS (10.11+) and Windows
NOT compatible with Reason, Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats.
2.6 GB compressed
6.3 GB uncompressed

Use the PULSE app for the installation. It's free and has the fastest speed for downloading. You'll have your own watermarked copy of the instrument. The whole process is described in the Manual.
Once you become our client you'll have all the future updates for free. These updates will include not only the technical fixes, but also new patches and sounds. Furthermore, as a bonus you'll receive discounts on every new instrument.
Support and Updates