How to download our instruments?
How to install our instruments?
How to redownload and update our instruments?
Where to get the license key?
After purchasing, the license key will be waiting for you in your inbox. It usually takes up to 10 minutes to be delivered. If you can't find the key in the inbox, please, feel free to get in touch with us. Also, don't forget to check out the SPAM folder, just in case.
1. Download the Pulse app
2. Open the Pulse app and click on the 'Add a Product' button on the top of the window. Paste your license key and click 'download' to acquire the instrument.
3. After downloading, move the files to your favourite location on your computer (SSD would be the best choice)
1. Paste the license key in your Pulse App (
2. Choose a folder on your computer and download all files
3. There should be an automatic installation
4. After that open your main DAW (please, keep in mind that the plugins are not compatible with Reason, Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats)
5. Insert plugin on a midi track
6. Click on the 'Choose Sample Folder' button
7. Choose the folder you've just downloaded via Pulse. There should be files with .ch1 and .ch2 extensions. These are your new samples (there won't be any .wav or etc files)
8. If you bought the bundle, after the downloading, only one plugin will be installed automatically. The second one needs to be installed manually. You will need to look for the WremenaTwo or Tayna .pkg (for macOS) or .exe (for Windows) in the downloaded folder.
9. That's it

  1. Open the Pulse app
  2. There is an icon in the top of the cover image of the instrument. Just click on it and choose re-install option
The plugins are NOT compatible with Reason, Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats.

The plugins are NOT native M1 plugins, but they work on M1 computers with the help of Rosetta (we tested this option).